The ' Happy Accident' - the origin of The HEART purse

The ' Happy Accident'

Happy accidents happen often at uMake Labs...   Sometimes it's a simple numerical mistake in the co-ordinates of a point in a design.  Other times, it's me doing something and Lisa seeing something that I am missing - techies like me often miss those things, artsies like Lisa NEVER miss those things.  Whatever the starting point, the end is often something new and interesting.

In checking alignment with 2 of our MINI purse lids, and Lisa noticed that when held together a certain way, they formed the shape of a heart...

Paul - playing with lids
Lisa: "Oh, that would be cute!"
Paul: "what?" while looking at the pieces in his hand.
Lisa: "Turn it around"
Paul - turns it over, not around, not seeing what Lisa was seeing.
Lisa: "No, the other way..."
Paul - turns it around to see what Lisa saw
Paul: "oh... that could be cool..."

I spent the next hour or so working on the design, including designing a new locking mechanism, and sent the design files to the Laser Cutter.  About a half hour later, the work was done, and upon assembling the pieces, I saw that not only did the design completely work, mechanically, but it was indeed, VERY COOL.

The HEART purse.   A testament to the power of the 'Happy Accident'


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