Charred Edges consists of Lisa Weyde and Paul Posner.  Partners both on-the-clock and off, together we work to create and produce unique and interesting pieces of functional art, things that serve a purpose and look cool doing it.


Paul is a life-long musician, Lego-fan, and tinkerer.  His innate curiosity about how things work has led him to disassemble hundreds of household - and less-common - objects, often combining them in a Frankenstein-like fashion...
Starting at age 9, he found inspiration from the speaker-phone that Charlie of the '70s show Charlie's Angels would use to speak with his angels.  He took his mother's fancy french-style telephone and his brother's new stereo; and recreated the functionality of that speakerphone.
As it worked out, Paul caught TWO well-deserved beatings for that, one from his mother and a second from his brother.  It was at that point that Paul knew he was on to something.

At 45 years old, Paul got bit - BAD - by the MAKER-BUG...   Starting off with Halloween props and progressing into electronics and 3-D Printing, more capabilities were needed for his creations, and more machines showed up to facilitate those needs. 

Now in his purpose-built lab, we can find Paul in his lab, working like a mad-scientist - replete with messed up hair and zany magnifying goggles - all in an effort for YOU to be able to get some cool, new thing.


Lisa has been involved with retail for most of her adult life.  From selling cinnamon buns at a local mall's food court, to co-managing stores with $10,000,000.00 in annual sales, she has been in numerous positions in a variety of well-known U.S. retail companies.

Throughout her career, Lisa has developed a keen eye for detail, fostering a strong ability to coordinate... Her wide range extends from matching up the perfect outfit, up to craftily assembling any room in your house, always focusing on how to best showcase your personality. 

With Charred Edges, she is the guiding force behind our product lines.  Leaving Paul to do the technical stuff, her realm starts with the initial designs and continues through to the final finishes.  Imagery, shapes, materials, colors, and the finer details are where she shines.  She also has to wrangle Paul in from his frequent tangents - which is no easy task, and her extensive practice in this endeavor has led her perfection in that role.  



Lisa and Paul's relationship started in 1985.
Having known each other for years, they were a couple for about a year.

Paul's absence during his time in the US Navy strained the relationship beyond breaking.  

Over the years, they kept in contact, and on April Fool's Day in 2015, things started to fall back into place.

Over the next few months, across hundreds of miles, through words on computer screens, a strong re-kindling occurred...

That August, Lisa and her 10-year-old twins left Pennsylvania and came to live with Paul and his adult kids in Massapequa, NY.  The rest - as they say - is history.