Charred Edges' kits are fun to build.   


Our beginner-level kits have the instructions built-in, making them easy-to-build for all ages and skill levels.  Simply match up the numbers/letters on the parts that belong together and add a drop of glue.  The pieces slide together, covering the instructions, so no-one will ever know...  And your secret will be safe with us too. 

Our advanced kits come with a detailed instruction sheet, also available as a .PDF. Most of the pieces fit together with slot-n-tab construction to ensure proper placement and alignment.  The advanced kits feature 80 or more pieces, and will sometimes require some time between steps, for the glue to dry.

Once you're done assembling, you can customize these models to your heart's content.  Paint, decals, organics - like moss or hair...  You are only limited by your imagination!