Welcome to Charred Edges'   Chick-Fil-A page!

Here we feature a variety of items that we produce for Chick-Fil-A stores, ranging from table-vases to placements.   

Ordering these items is as simple as can be; simply choose your preferred item, fill in the info for your town/city name and state, and you're all done!

Generally, we make and ship your items within 5 business days - the vases take take 15-30 minutes on our laser cutter, then assembly with 2-3 hours of glue-dry time, followed by hands-on finishing, where each coat of stain or polyurethane takes a few hours to set and dry.   While we run this process in batches, it's still - start to finish - a total of about 16 hours.  Of course, if there is a deeper level of customization, there is more time involved...   Finishes take their sweet time, and we know that for the best results, we need to let them take their sweet time.

Should you want something created for you that isn't shown here, please feel free to contact us directly.  Be prepared with as many specifics; sketches, measurements, colors, logos, text, or any other info that will define your concept for us.  We do often ask many questions when specifying custom work - we want to produce the best final product we can for our customers, and to do that, we need information...  Less is not always more.