MakerBux - Make $omething

MakerBux is coming soon...

With the MakerBux cryptocurrency and portal, makers world-wide will be able to earn, but, and sell equipment/tools, materials, skill-time, machine-time, and finished products.

How does it work?

After the simple process of establishing your free MakerBux wallet - and encrypting it of course - you can use PayPal or debit/credit cards to purchase some MakerBux coins, which will be deposited directly to your wallet.

Once you have coins, you can set your wallet to stake your coins - very similar to getting paid interest or earning dividends - and watch your wallet grow.

Register with so that you can earn and spend your coins.

You can earn coins in numerous ways: 
  - Mining; using your current PC or our upcoming BuxBox, simply by running the Makerbux wallet-based miner, you will be able to earn rewards for supporting the blockchain ( coming 2019 1st quarter )
  - Staking;  using your current PC running the MakerBux wallet, your existing coins will gather interest, the more coins, the more interest gained.
  - Selling Skill-Time;  As a maker, you are surely an expert at something - and there are many people who are not as adept as you are, who could use your help; programming, designing, copy-writing, branding, and marketing are just a few examples of skills that you can offer others.  You can set your own pricing and schedules, and highlight the activities according to your preference.
  - Selling machine-time;   Just as you have certain skills that others may need, you may also have machinery that others may need access to.  The numerous 3-D Printing websites prove that some folks may not want to buy and maintain a 3-D Printer for the occasional part or two that they may need.  The same thought process applies to more expensive gear, like Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, and many other maker-machines.  With MakerBux you can offer time on those machines to others in need...  Set your price, schedule, materials, and and terms as you wish.
  - Finished products; This is where MakerBux will shine.  With sites like Etsy showing the world that makers are a productive force, 'hand-made', 'home-made', and 'custom-made' items are experiencing huge growth in both sales and availability.  Even Amazon has created a 'hand-made' sector.
The MakerBux portal will offer you very similar functionality, while allowing buyers to use conventional on-line payment methods, which are automatically converted to the anonymous MakerBux cryptocurrency.
  - Trading;   MakerBux can be traded on crypto-currency exchanges or traded on a peer-to-peer basis.  MakerBux firmly believes in anonymity, and your transactions are safe, fast, inexpensive, and anonymous.

Spending MakerBux:

The MakerBux portal will carry all sorts of Maker-gear:  3-D printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl cutters, CNC Routers, and more.  All this equipment will be direct from the respective manufacturers and will carry their standard warranties and support.  Shopping for equipment will be easy, as we will have standards for the information and specifications that the manufacturers will have to adhere to, for better-educated comparisons.  By paying with MakerBux, you will also get the peace of mind that enhanced buying-power can bring, should you have an issue with your equipment that the manufacturer isn't resolving to your liking, we can "go to bat" for you, flexing our buying-power-muscle.   Makers have enough to focus on, just making; coping with vendors should not be an additional burden.

The MakerBux portal will carry supplies and materials ranging from Acrylics to Zippers.   We will be featuring numerous vendors for each type of material, and our list will grow and change rapidly.   Currently, we are in talks with numerous vendors covering a wide-range of materials and parts.  

If you are working on a project, and need some help with something, MakerBux can help you find an expert.   You will be able to find someone with the skill-set needed, quickly and easily.  Pricing will be up to you and your expert to negotiate. Based on the agreements you make, funds will be locked into an escrow system, so both the buyer and seller are protected.  MakerBux will also have a rating system, allowing you to help a valuable expert to succeed while helping clowns to the door.

While working on a project, you might wish you had a custom-widget ( everyone needs a widget from time-to-time ), but don't see the need in buying a machine just to make a few widgets.  The MakerBux portal will present the ability to find machine operators, able and willing to make and ship your widgets to you.  Again, funds are locked into an escrow system, protecting both buyer and seller.  Simply choose your machine operator, send the files and other specs ( color, material type, etc ) and your widgets will arrive speedily. Again, the MakerBux rating system will help skilled and motivated operators grow, while the less-than-stellar operators will be told to invest more time on their craft before offering their services to others.

Business essentials:    
Being a maker isn't all fun, sometimes you need to protect yourself.  MakerBux will be assembling a set of lawyer-drafted, legally binding documents, covering everything from agreements to waivers.  These documents can make the difference between driving around in a luxury car and defending against a  frivolous lawsuit.  

MakerBux is committed to helping makers and makerspaces, and to show our dedication, we will be running a variety of giveaways and contests.
 - EVERY new MakerBux wallet come with 10 MakerBux - until 1/1/19.
 - MakerBux will have daily, weekly and monthly coin giveaways to miners,  Anyone mining on the wallet will be eligible for our random drawings as follows:
     - Daily prize is 10% of the pool's transaction fees for that calendar day.
     - Weekly prize is 7.5 % of the pool's transaction fees for that calendar week.
     -  Monthly prize is 5% of the pool's transaction fees for that calendar month.

Additionally, we will be holding contests, such as our Make-a-Maker and Make-a-Makerspace contests.  These prizes will feature a variety of the equipment and materials that we offer, and are designed to advance our member's capabilities.  Imagine winning a 3-d Printer or a Laser cutter...
Better yet, imagine winning a prize package that would include enough gear and materials for you to open up a makerspace in your neighborhood!  We will be holding our Make-a-Makerspace contest once per year, and the prize pack for this contest will include a Laser Cutter, an FDM 3-d Printer, and SLS 3-d printer, a CNC-router, a Vinyl Cutter, Airbrush kit, soldering station, and more...  Entries will be in essay form, and will need to include some demographics and location information about where you would open your public Makerspace.