μMake Labs is proudly based on Long Island, more specifically in Massapequa, NY.  Purpose-built as a one-man makerspace, it's... well.... cozy for two people to be feverishly working on the numerous on-going projects.

Additionally, we do get out to craft fairs and similar events, and we can also be found at various Maker Faires around the area - especially the HUGE Annual NY Maker Faire.

Of course,  we can often be found trolling the web, looking for new and innovative ways to produce and promote.  You can find both Lisa and Paul on Facebook...  Keep in mind, we are both outspoken on particular topics, often with differing views on things;  don't say we didn't warn you.

Lastly, we can sometimes be found at various stores, looking for the materials we use,  wood, fabrics, electronics, hardware, and more.  Supermarkets...   We often go to the supermarket, with a minimum of 8 human residents and 7 pets, the acquisition of food is a fairly common occurrence.