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Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA;  December 14th, 1903.

On the flip of a coin, Wilbur was the first man to fly, albeit a rather short flight of only 3 seconds, a heavier-than-air machine.  That first flight ended abruptly with the first-ever stall, and their Flyer 1 needed two days of repairs.

Three days later, Orville took his turn and assumed the pilot's spot - laying on his stomach on the lower wing - and embarked on man's first actual powered, manned, controlled, sustained, heavier-than-air flight, covering 120 feet in about 12 seconds.

While the Bright Brothers spent years developing Flyer1, those 12 seconds gave rise to the  pioneer age of flight, and within a few years time, the airplane became commonplace to everyone.

So it is logical for us to launch our aviation line of kits with The WRIGHT FLYER 1.

This easily assembled kit is based on the blueprints filed with the US Patent office, and as all our kits, are laser-cut from 1/8" Finnish Birch.  The kit includes the plane, a stand, and Orville standing by.  Wilbur is the pilot, in position as flown.

We hope you'll enjoy having this replica of the historic first plane...